Don’t waste the time and resources of people who are doing their damnedest best to help you move forward. That is one of the best ways of destroying relationships, burning bridges and barricading the doors of prosperity in your life.

Respect the time that has been set aside for you. If and when you have a mentor or coach, respect their time by being on time, keeping to time, and completing all commitments on time. bring your whole mind to the table, not the 2MB left over every 20 seconds while you are scrolling through social media sites.

Be fearless in setting boundaries against irrelevancies. If you are in a meeting that has been called to help or advance your interests, that is not the best time for you to interrupt the flow of ideas and energy by playing with or using your phone, television or other electronic gadget at hand.

If you want to be taken seriously, respect the presence of your helpers and benefactors.

Fear nothing!


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