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“I can think. I can wait. I can fast.”
-Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse

How many of us can think? How many of us have the courage to think for ourselves by not choosing the path of least resistance and regurgitate what others have said?

Critical thinking, analyzing, figuring things out for oneself is vastly different from fantasy or magical thinking. It requires us to see reality as it is, not as how we wish it to be. In seeing things and situations as they really are, we are enabled to strategize accordingly in order to achieve the results we desire.

Thinking can be dangerous, especially to oppressors. Because of the power of self-thought, we are constantly deluged with distractions via entertainment centers, restaurants, bars, parties, political dramas, news reports, television shows, radio programs, blockbuster movies, entertainment shows, concerts, sports, social media and the internet… so that the mental noise in our heads would be so loud we wouldn’t be able to think straight.

Understand this: It takes a fearless person to think aright without concern for the opposing thoughts of others.

Fear nothing!


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