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“I can think. I can wait. I can fast.”
-Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse

How many of us can wait? How many of us can wait for what we want, for what we deserve, and for what we believe in to come to pass?

Waiting is so old fashioned now. Instantaneous gratification is the norm. Food, drink, sex, entertainment, knowledge, toys, every thing that makes us feel good must come now. Even reversal of the results of our excesses must come now, else we lose the motivation and belief to keep on working hard. We must lose weight now. We must stop smoking now. We must be given an answer now.

Granted that there are times to act, there are also times to wait. We can learn to wait with an internal patience and peace that cannot be perturbed. We can wait for things to unfold as they should, so that they can unfold maturely and perfectly. We can wait when we have studied history. We can wait when we know the price, and are willing to pay it.

Understand this: There is a huge difference between waiting for a specific opportunity, and procrastinating. One who knows how to wait patiently for just cause has mastered an important aspect of self.

Fear nothing!