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Once upon a time, we used to be fearless. back then, we had dreams of what we wanted to be and do. No dream was too big, too small, too lofty or too lowly.

Where are we today with all of that? Many of us have slaughtered our dreams in order to pay bills, meet the expectations of family and friends, to match what we see on social media, or to fit in with others. Many of us have been told by others to “grow up”, “be reasonable”, “maintain the status quo” or some other bullshit just so that we don’t make them feel less successful, less powerful or less capable than us.

How has playing small served you so far? How happy are you with living out a life that has little or nothing to do with what you really want(ed)? Is it time for you to dare yourself to die to what you don’t want, and live for what you really want?

Fear nothing!