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In 1519, Hernán Cortés forced his men to conquer the Americas by burning the ships that brought them over from Spain. By burning those ships, he made sure that there were no options or backup plans to distract them from accomplishing what they came to do. It was either conquer or perish.

I am an advocate of having multiple options; however, I have come to learn that there are times that having absolutely no options is the push that forces us to the next level of accomplishment. There is time to have options, and there is a time to burn all of one’s ships. I can have several career options to choose from, but when I have decided on what future and selected the business industry I want, I face that squarely till I am done with it.

Ask yourself where you could have achieved victory in your life but didn’t take immediate action, just because you had options. Getting a higher paying gig, a better spouse, the best whatever, was missed just because you had something or someone else to fallback on. When options are present, we tend to think that if one thing we wanted doesn’t work out, we can always retreat back into our comfort zone.

Understand this: Have options, select one, demolish the rest. Burn that fucking ship. That’s what fearless people do.

Fear nothing!