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It almost appears that some bridges were meant to be built, then burnt.

In this context, we are talking about the bridges of relationships. There are some relationships that we need to have in order to learn specific life lessons. There are relationships for a season and for a reason. Indeed, many things we learn about live are through how we manage, or are managed, within relationships with others.

We humans tend to be risk-averse beings. We hoard things, including our relationships, with the thought that they might prove useful to us some day in the unknown future. Many a times, that ‘day’ never arrives, and the object we clutch becomes a burden instead of an opportunity. We become resentful, bitter, angry or even fearful of the other person across that bridge… without realizing that we can let go. This is how we remain in jobs, marriages, groups, churches, temples, mosques, cities, towns… you name it… that we should have left a long time ago.

Understand this: When a relationship has served its purpose, there is no harm in taking courage, and burning that bridge in order to move on. If necessary and possible, it can be rebuilt and used again.

Fear nothing!