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Tochi Brown is a multi-award winning speaker, author and media personality, with several years of experience in mechanical engineering, human resources and healthcare. She is the president of Tochi, Inc. and One Thought Publishing, Inc.

As a champion of fearlessness, critical thinking and compassion, she has learned how to be the messenger who speaks in difficult places and to difficult things. When you hear Tochi speak, you will love how she makes complex topics simple, using commonplace analogies, stories and questions to make you understand better.

According to Iversity, “Critical thinking can empower you to question your decisions and look at yourself and the people around you in a new, more objective way. Applying this approach to everyday situations can make a considerable difference in your life.” Tochi uses a similar approach to critical thinking when illuminating how you can enrich and elevate your life (and that of others) with fearlessness and compassion.


  • Critical human thought, self-transformation, compassion, hope, storytelling
  • Keynotes, talks, lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences

People from around the globe have traveled to see and hear Tochi live. You can now bring her directly to your organization to provide critical thinking solutions, strategies, corporate storytelling, and more.

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“When you have options, the world becomes radically less scary.” 

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