Can you make SENSE of most of what you see and hear in conversation, online and the media?

Does the daily NOISE interfere with your thinking?

Do you feel you are unseen or unheard?

Are you worn out by hours spent on Google looking for advice and solutions?

Will some critical thinking and commonsense help you?

Would you want a dynamic, powerful speaker who is resilientstreet-smart and book-smart?


Tochi Brown

speaker | author | strategist

who will educate, inspire, challenge and entertain you!

Dynamic Speaker

Kathey Batey, Spirited Presentations LLC

“Tochi is a powerful presenter, yet her powerful person never overshadows the profound message she gifts her audiences with.”

Curtis Lyons, H&R Block Financial Advisors

“I am absolutely thrilled to recommend Tochi… she allows you to work through your tasks by assigning challenging, introspective homework that allows you to find the necessary solutions to any particular problem. The changes created in my life have been great and it occurred quickly for me.”

Argentina Glasgow, Minister (rtd.), Detroit Unity Temple

“Tochi showed total control of her subject matter… Her presentation is an affirmation that she practices being her teaching.”

Doug Lang, President, Lang’s Painting

“Tochi’s got the real stuff… that matters. This lady is for real.”

Shawn Strain, Ford Motor Company

“You surpassed our expectations… setting a presentation standard that will be hard to surpass.”

Kelly Smith, Jane in the Jungle

“Tochi is fun, captivating, entertaining and authentic in her presentation style. Everytime I’ve heard her present, I smile the entire presentation because of her enthusiciam and obvious love of people. Tochi is truly a “one of a kind” package of dynomite!”

Powerful Author

Published Books


Books, audio and programs.

Happy Readers

Hear Tochi

July 23, 2018

Keynote Speaker • Houston, TX

August 10, 2018

Featured Panel Speaker • Los Angeles, CA

Be Inspired

Respect Your Helpers

Don't waste the time and resources of people who are doing their damnedest best to help you move forward. That is one of the best ways of destroying relationships, burning bridges and barricading the doors of prosperity in your life. Respect the time that has been set...

Advance Your Own Dream

Keep your eyes on your prize, not on the prizes of others. That way, you will not breed discontent and create a never-ending whirlwind of despair within your own mind. Beware of becoming a mental slave, deluded in thinking that you are working to your own freedom,...

We, The Sheeple

We, the Sheeple, do affirm the following to be true, that: Political leaders can do with us as they will; Religious leaders can do with us as they will; Educational leaders can do with us as they will; Banks can do with us as they will; Corporations can do with us as...

What Has the Status Quo Done for You Lately?

Beware of those who urge you to "maintain the status quo" when it comes to your personal advancement. This kind of status quo has slaughtered many of us physically, psychologically and financially. It's all about maintaining status quo when you take the little you...

Indulging in Magical Thinking

We are guilty of magical thinking, when we believe that a miracle will suddenly appear, and fix us and our problem without some - or any - effort on our part.  A lot of magical thinking happens when we choose to ignore history, evidence and/or results, instead...

Reasons to be Thankful

Be thankful for your silent benefactors and supporters, who encourage and sustain you. Not everyone has the desire to be publicly acknowledged or praised. Be thankful for the opportunities and lessons that keep (re)presenting themselves to you. Listen and observe, for...




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