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She has such a dynamic, magnetic personality that captivates your attention.” – Dennis Skiles, Minister, Unity of Livonia

“Tochi showed total control of her subject matter… Her presentation is an affirmation that she practices being her teaching.” – Argentina Glasgow, Senior Minister, Detroit Unity Temple

“Tochi’s got the real stuff… that matters. This lady is for real.” – Doug Lang, President, Lang’s Painting

“We were motivated by the mindsets you shared with us during your workshop. What a difference having values and standards makes.” – Delphine Spearman, Owner, Del Gallery

“You surpassed our expectations… setting a presentation standard that will be hard to surpass.” – Shawn Strain, Sales Manager, Ford Motor Company

“Excellent speaker. I enjoyed every moment of your presentation. I tried taking notes, however, you were too captivating. Your goodwill in trying to get this message out to the world is such a blessing… I will definitely recommend this to all I know.” – Ty Parker, Real Estate Consultant, REMAX Synergy

“I am absolutely thrilled to recommend Tochi… she allows you to work through your tasks by assigning challenging, introspective homework that allows you to find the necessary solutions to any particular problem. The changes created in my life have been great and it occurred quickly for me.” – Curtis L Lyons, Financial Advisor, H&R Block Financial Advisors

“Tochi’s presentations dare you to go beyond the boundaries of your humanness into the unlimited world of the spirit. She teaches you how to put your foot way into in the mud.” – Dr. Uwa Osimiri, President & CEO, African Women’s Economic Consortium

“Tochi is fun, captivating, entertaining and authentic in her presentation style. Everytime I’ve heard her present, I smile the entire presentation because of her enthusiciam and obvious love of people. Tochi is truly a “one of a kind” package of dynomite!” – Kelly Smith, Jane in the Jungle

Kathey Batey, Spirited Presentations LLC

“Tochi is a powerful presenter, yet her powerful person never overshadows the profound message she gifts her audiences with.” 


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